GuidedChoice is a web-based investment advice solution utilizing personalized advice as just the beginning of the process. Our first product, GuidedSavings, not only provides specific, individualized investment advice, taking into account all of the user's (and spouse's) retirement assets, but also allows the user to implement the advice immediately.

The user sets a financial goal, gets back a recommendation, and can execute on the recommendation at the click of a button. Their money is invested or rebalanced automatically.

Further, GuidedChoice automatically continues to rebalance a user's portfolio to keep them on track - something 91% of people currently do not do. Finally, because the GuidedChoice system is fully integrated with the company benefits data, GuidedChoice can detect significant changes in a user's information and communicate with the employee to return to the system.

This "Supercharged Mutual Fund" approach offers an integrated solution for savings goals such as retirement, college, home purchase and other large purchases.
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