Sherrie Grabot, President and CEO
Sherrie Grabot has been an innovative leader in the defined contribution marketplace for several years. In the early 1980's, she was responsible for building one of the earliest 401(k) products and recordkeeping systems. In the early 1990's, she automated 401(k) plans preparing them for the intranet wave. Now, in the new century, she has designed and is building a new electronic investment advisory service that matches the needs of the retirement plan market with new electronic delivery systems. In 1995, Ms. Grabot, as Manager of HR Systems and Financial Programs at Apple Computer, Inc., spearheaded the automation of Apple's 401(k) plan and implemented Apple's multimedia- based new employee orientation system. In 1996 Ms. Grabot was hired by T. Rowe Price as Vice President and Regional Client Manager responsible for their West Coast institutional practice. While at T. Rowe Price, she initiated an internet-based automation of plan services, and also led the effort to design and build Toshiba's HR intranet site. In September of 1997, Ms. Grabot joined Trust Company of the West, where she began development of what is known today as Guided Choiceš, a software service that automates the delivery of high-quality personalized advice on the investment of 401(k) retirement funds. She was responsible for the strategic business development and day-to-day management duties of the product design, systems architecture, marketing, communications, public relations and sales. In June of 1999, GuidedChoice was spun out and Ms. Grabot became CEO.

Harry M. Markowitz, PhD-Investment Committee/Systems Architect
Mr. Markowitz, Nobel laureate in Economics, has over 30 years experience managing assets and consulting on behalf of defined benefit plans. His Modern Portfolio Theory serves as the backbone for the GuidedSavings product. Made famous for his work in Economics, Mr. Markowitz has also made significant strides in the field of technology. In 1989, he was awarded the prestigious Von Neumann Prize in Operations Research Theory for his works in portfolio theory, sparse matrix techniques and the SIMSCRIPT programming language. Harry was also recently given the "Man of the Century" award by Pensions & Investments magazine for his life work in the field of investments.

Ming Yee Wang-Chief Investment Officer/Vice President of Technology
Ming Wang has over 15 years of experience managing assets and developing tools for defined benefit and defined contributions plans. He has been a Sr. Vice President at Investment Research Company and TIAA-CREF. He has been a portfolio manager, developed performance attribution algorithms and software, developed a portfolio optimization software, and researched and implemented strategies for enhanced index and passive portfolios. He has a BA in Physics, a MA in Physics from Princeton University, and a MA in Mathematics from NYU. In 1999 he was published in the Financial Analysts Journal with the article "Multiple-Benchmark and Multiple-Portfolio Optimization".

Bryan Clintsman-Vice President of Sales
Bryan Clintsman has over 13 years experience developing tools and delivering financial education and advisory services to individuals. He joins us from Ernst & Young where he was a Regional Director of Employee Financial Education services and managed a team of professionals responsible for selling and delivering financial planning services to employees of Fortune 500 companies. Early in his tenure with Ernst & Young, Bryan was hired to manage the Investment Advisory practice in their Kansas City office. Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Bryan spent several years with Arthur Andersen's Personal Financial Planning practice in Dallas. During his tenure at Arthur Andersen, Bryan also focused on financial planning and investment software testing and development. He has a BS in Accounting and an MS in Taxation from the University of North Texas. He is also a Certified Financial Planner and has significant experience speaking at various events and instructing financial education forums.

Joanne Clancy, Director of Client Services
Ms. Clancy has over 10 years experience in human resource systems and benefits. Most recently, she was an HR information systems manager supporting benefits administration and HR transactions at 3Com, where she was instrumental in implementing PeopleSoft and developing call tracking for 3Com's employee HR telephone service center. Prior to joining 3Com, Ms. Clancy was a Financial Benefits and HRIS manager at Apple Computer, Inc. She holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dick Eastley, Director of Operations
Mr. Eastley has over 5 years of management experience in the engineering field. Prior to joining, he served as manager of FirstWorld Communication's project development group. His responsibilities included project creation, design, budget management and implementation management to deliver internet services and network deployment. Mr. Eastley was also a member of Firstworld's due diligence team that successfully completed a high-yield debt offering of $470 million in April 1998. Prior to joining Firstworld, Mr. Eastley served in project management positions for two electrical engineering consulting firms in San Diego. Mr. Eastley has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from San Diego State University.
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