More than 38 million Americans are participating in self-directed retirement benefit plans, and with good reason. Employer sponsored tax-deferred retirement plans are a fantastic way for employees to save for retirement.

But while these retirement plans offer a great investment opportunity, their potential is limited by the individual's ability (or inability) to make sound investment decisions. And understandably, without prior investment experience, it's hard to know how much to put away today to have enough money at retirement. Not to mention knowing which investments to choose from within the variety of funds offered.

This is where online investment advice comes in. At its best, it's almost like hiring a personal financial advisor. Employees love it because it takes the guesswork and anxiety out of planning for retirement. Employers love it because it allows them to sweeten benefits packages. So it's no surprise that the online investment advice business is taking off. And Guided Choice is setting the standard in power and convenience in this category. Find out why by taking a look at our Products and Services.
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