Retirement investment and savings advice at the click of a mouse.
Guided Choice is a powerful online resource that gives plan participants exactly what they've been asking for: unbiased, personalized, expert investment advice. And it's right at their fingertips, any time they need it.

Guided Choice can:
Give employees the expert retirement savings and investment advice they want, without giving the employer additional liability.
Boost employee participation and activity in any retirement savings program, and appreciation for the benefits a company provides.
Help employees better manage their money.

Enhancement to a plan administrator's product offering:
With the ability to seamlessly exchange participant data from both record keepers and corporate HR systems, Guided Choice saves participants and plan sponsors from manually entering basic information so critical to deriving accurate portfolio recommendations. At the individual level, the software allows participants to accept the recommended advice with the click of a mouse button, and then transmits all changes, including savings rates and investment allocations back to the record keeper for updating and implementation.
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